The End

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
Three Aussies, one Kiwi, two Germans had cycled from Berlin to Copenhagen in twelve days.

Two Aussies had driven the broom wagon with their luggage.

The lazy guide dog had been chauffered all the way either in the car or in the trailer at the back of the tandem.

Read the full story from the very beginning here ...

Or read the Aftermath


R2K said...

Must have been a great trip!

I will go some day!

Jack Book said...

congratulation for the good finish :)
you guys rock!

maxxo said...

great pic, well done you!

gwadzilla said...

I only looked at the pictures as I sipped my coffee

looks like a fantastic trip!


I need to tour more!

maybe when my kids get older
I am not ready for the antics of the Metal Cowboy

great photos
looks like a fantastic trip

was there any drama?
any soap opera antics?
anything fit for a reality television show?

Anonymous said...

Netter blog

a Geordie in Exile said...

well done!

Nicole V Lozano said...

Congratulations. What a fun and fabulous accomplishment.

Andy said...

Well done guys!

How did I get here said...

Congratulations! The road trip is the pilgramige of life. Ever wonder how you got to where you are?

Kid Marine said...

Congrats, but what's next for your blog if the trip is over? I'd suggest Prague to Paris!

Baizid said...

Looks really nice trip folks. Sehr gut!

Chris Bassoo said...

posted by Chris Bassoo

Congrats on being blog of note, great job

warm regards Christopher Bassoo

Sarah Moffett said...

Kerouac would've been proud...albeit too drunk to participate.

akshay said...

hey that is a great and beautiful pic...!!!!!well done you..

Smorg said...

What a feast you guys and gals did! Thanks for sharing the trip with us. :o)


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