Day 8 - Baltic Blues

Monday, August 27, 2007

Up very early because we were booked on the 9 am ferry to Denmark. We only had one U-turn on our way (and it was only 8 km) and a stop at the garage for air! It was very cool and windy and with our fingers crossed we were hoping for a smooth crossing - which it was.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenthe team close to the ferry

We hit danish soil and not even a customs officer, a quarantine officer to greet us. No stamps in passport, just get on your bike and go!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenlunch in the dunes

The weather had deteriorated considerably. So now we had gale force winds head on with showers threatening all the time. We had 87 km to ride this day and it was the hardest day we have ridden for a looong time! They say there are no hills in Denmark, but they have bloody big rises!! We enjoyed a picnic lunch on a beach with the mosquitos, but we were out of the wind.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenwhere to go?

When we reached the next ferry at Stubbekøbing, disaster struck! The ferry had engine trouble and it was on the other side of the island "kaputt". It wasn't going to be running until the next day!! The only way to get to the next island was by bridge of the Vogelfluglinie which was an extra 50 km of riding. You can imagine the smiling faces we all had.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenno boat today

It was now 3 pm and everyone was exhausted from battling the heavy headwinds so decisions had to be made. Doug and Rae headed off to the accomm to unpack the car and Doug returned to collect those that were falling by the wayside!! Thank god for a folding Bike Friday - it fitted in the boot of the car!!

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenPam's sore bum: not gonna sit on that saddle anymore

Pam and Shirley were picked up and driven the last leg. Mind you, it took them nearly as long to get there because, someone couldn't remember the way, the front seat passenger was blind and couldn't read the map, and the backseat passenger couldn't see ahead quickly enough to read the foreign signage!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenyet another bridge

Pam 'n' Shirley took refuge in the pink church and called in the sag wagon. The gladiators (Brigitta, Trish, Trever and Rudi) charioted off into the headwind, towards the first available cycle bridge some 18 k's in the "wrong" direction. The first bridge was 7 kilometers long, and as we reached the peak of the bridge a north westerly squall came through, making our crossing very frightening. Once on the other side turning east again, we had a tail wind and we were drenched by a storm.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenlast bridge to get across

After 20 k's we crossed another bridge and turned south into the wind and toiled our way into Stege, where we thought our accomodation was, only to find that we had another 7 kilometers of head wind to negotiate.

Trish came in with a smile on her face, because she had just done her longest ever bike ride - but the body was sagging sadly!! Hot drinks and showers all around, while Doug and Shirley went and got "takeaway" dinner. There day consisted of a mammoth effort of 128 km in the worst weather you can imagine - Well done girls and guys.

Part in Germany:

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
Part in Denmark:

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
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