Day 2 - Rainy in the first place

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wallapoint - Canow 58 kmCycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
We were awoken by lightening thunder and heavy rain and concerned that we were going to get drenched. We all put on our wet weather gear top to tails.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenstill thumbs up!

Breakfast was rolls cheeses, eggs, sausages (Wurst), coffee and tea. And we all had more than we normally would have for breakfast. By the time we finished and were ready to leave, the angels had shone on us and the rain has disappeared.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenwhat the heck we're lookin' at?

We went by the brick factory museum, we followed the river Havel with some exclusive waterfront homes into the rain forrest. (Normally it‘s a forrest, but when it rains, it turns into a rain forrest.) And then had a very interesting ride through the forrest with a bit of up and down and round and about, dogding some water puddles as we went.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenfaster than rain

Rudi, Trevor and Trish picked up the pace a bit as their adrenalin got carried away and right on time we met Doug and Rae in Himmelpfort for second time. We came across a lot of riders heading north (our direction). Smoked fish outlet on yet another lake in Santa Clauses hometown for German school kids.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagentoo hot for me mate

So we rode along the boundary of the concentration camp of Ravensbrück (a specialist women and young girls camp) , where Trish, Trevor, Shirley and Rae took depressing tour.

Rudi went to the station at Fürstenberg picking up Brigitta who started her holiday today. Also Rudi posted the available news to our blog at a small internet company. We all met up again at the town square. We strolled around the town, looking at the local architecture.

On our way towards Canow, where we were to stay the night, we stopped at a small village church which was built in 1780. Beautiful metal crosses in the church cemetery.

Single riders comments about the last four kilometers:
Trish: "I am inspired to go home and buy a BMX bike."
Trevor: "Nearly kissed the trees, when i spotted the naked bathers ...."
Rudi: "I did not see them at all. Must have been a Fata Morgana!"
Brigitta: "Romantic it was."

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenBrigitta stays safe behind the crazy crowd

Tandem-riders (Shirley and Pam): "Who chose this bloody track? We take the made road next time not following the man on their BMX track!!"
Dougs comment on the village: "Love the locks!"
Raes: "Here is a beautiful cemetery."

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenmmh!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
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