Day 10 - On the road again

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Up for the day from our „nursinghome“ accommodation, knowing we are closer to Copenhagen, but firstly the „gladiators“ were presented with their colourful lei‘s by Shirley, for their heroic efforts of riding the day before.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenhard to wear them

We headed off to yet another bridge, this one not so scary. Off we trotted through the countryside, where TnT and Brigitta took the wrong turn yet again. A "COOEE" (Australian scream) got their attention and they eventually turned around! We stopped at Jungshoved and met Doug and Rae for a refill of water, food, followed by the toilet stop in the little bakery! The attraction of the place were the two danish men drinking alcohol behind the shop.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenin the daily mirror

Laid back ride to Præsto, where we were able to update the website in a restaurant at the harbour side, and Trish had her first iced coffee. Meal was okay - (bloody nice). We all headed off for the oldest pottery in Denmark. The only one left of five in this area. Founded in 1880. Once again, Trish thought, she was at work .....

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen... round and round and round and ...

Church stop in Roholte - Trevor was rather impressed by the architecture in this village. 10 K‘s later Trish stepped on a deadly poisonous snake, and both trish and the snake survived!! mind you, it was only about 4“ long and looked like a long worm! Also at this spot fresh pumpkins were on sale. Nobody took advantage to buy: maybe too heavy to carry!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenyet another church

We followed the „yellow Daisy“

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen... lazy daisies ...

and suddenly Trevor was standing at the road side waving at us. We rode by with a big smile: He had his first flat tyre. It was only a loose valve.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenpump it up, Aussie!

Emergency call to Doug wasn‘t really necessary, but the directions to our accommodation Damsgarden in the town of Rødvig was very helpful.

After cleaning the bodies we headed off to fill our bellies with a good hearty meal, followed by many varieties of liquid. Doug made friends in the loo and didn‘t come back for ages. None of us were game to ask him what he had been doing!! The food was really excellent and the Inn Keeper quite a character. Our accommodation for the night was in a converted pig house! So Trevor was allowed to snore as much as he liked! In Trevor‘s opinion this was the best accomm of the trip - so did Trish, she had a little room all of her own.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenend of the day

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
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