Day 7 - Grandparents in Rostock

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenPam and Doug on the mobile, talking to Lana who just has given birth to two little boys!


Up bright and early and catching the German type tram (!) into Rostock to have our guided history tour. We met our guide just as Pam and Doug got the phone call to say that Lana had had the twins. 2 boys - Willem Douglas and Thomas Frederick - mother and babies well.

On the tour we learnt about the number 7 - Rostock is built on 7 hills, it has 7 cities joined together to make one, 7 main streets and 7 linden trees. This was all in the ancient city of Rostock. Most of the houses also have 7 windows, gables etc. We covered the "Rathaus" (town hall), the main church which houses the only original astrological clock still working. An amazing piece of engineering.

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenSt. Marien in Rostock

At 12 midday we watched the apostles come out and be blessed by jesus before going into heaven, but poor old judas was locked out once again.this has been happening from the 1300's! The fountain of pleasures - use your imagination just let us say that the Rostock people seem to be very broad minded.

The University and the statue of ? WHO WAS IT RUDI? "Dunno!" The rest of the day was spent individually strolling around the old town, or some stupid people got on their bikes and rode to the coast! their reward was a few extra bruises - ask TnT.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenonly one crane left

Now heading of to Denmark .....

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