Day 12 - Final Stage

Friday, August 31, 2007

It is hard to believe that this day has come. We are riding the last km's to Copenhagen! The morning started with Rae having a go on the tandem with Shirley and of course lots of photos taken for "proof"! She found it easier than she thought, so we may get her to be a bike rider yet.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagennew experience for Rae

So, now came the time for us to set off on the final stage of this wonderful experience. The weather was fine at the start, but deteriorated rapidly the closer we got to Copenhagen. We stopped at the little village of Snoldelev where a church had the lights on, so we thought we would have a look. It was undergoing some refurbishing and the organ had been pulled apart to be cleaned. Very interesting to see all the pipes laying in order on pieces of wood. Not long after here, we hit a rather long hill (by Danish standards anyway!) beside a pig farm.

We have never breathed in such foul smelling air and we couldn't get away from it!! The harder we pedalled, the harder we had to breath and we were all choking by the time we got to the top of the hill! After an unplanned tour through the back streets and industrial area of Greve - but Rudi assures us, we weren't lost - we finally got onto the last road with the sign "19 km to Copenhagen".

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagennearly there ...

About 10 km before the city, the heavens opened, so ... 6 somewhat bedraggled, wet, cold riders arrived at the Tårnborg Villa to find Doug standing outside in the rain rather agitated! there had been some sort of misunderstanding between him and the "lady of the house" regarding Earl. Rudi went in a sorted it all out, and we eventually got into our rooms and had access to hot showers.

Prior to this, Doug had been on a determined drive to Helsinki! Rae insisted on yet another U-turn and directed them straight to the accommodation. Seeing as we hadn't had a lunch stop today, we walked around until we found a "bar" that served food. We don't know what it is with Rae & Shirley, but they soon had a very happy chappy trying to chat them up and telling them what to go and see whilst they were in Copenhagen.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
Day 12.kml for being viewed with Google Earth.

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenShirley making new friends

TnT went bike selling and ended up virtually giving them away for the price of 500 Kroner (approx. AUS $120) but all Trish wanted was to get back and get some dry shoes!! We ended the day with food and drinks in yet another bar (Café Obelix) with lots of talk about our ride. Rider's total Kilometres range from 560 to 690.


Shirley Bott - Tandem Captain (Australian)
Pam Haigh - Tandem Stoker (Australian)
Trish Hewlett - Rider (New Zealander)
Trevor Rickard - Rider (Australian)
Rudi Vossberg - Rider & Leader (German)
Brigitta Metje - Rider (German)
Doug Haigh - Driver (£10 immigrant with an Australian passport!)
Rae Mullen - Navigator (Australian)
Earl - Back seat rider! (Laziest guide dog in the world! But if we are lost, he will always find "home". It is where the food is!)

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7 Kommentare:

bena said...

Congratulations on completing the ride (and not killing each other in the process) It has been great to follow your progress. For those of you travelling on best of luck. I'm sure your next adventures will be just as amazing and memorable. We look forward to seeing you back home soon. Love Bena

bena said...

PS Happy Fathers day Dad. Have a drink on us. Lots of Love xx

SlyCrayon said...

Fascinating adventurous trip and beautiful photos!

The World Through Grem`s eyes said...

Super photos and Fantastic adventure

ColourfulCameleon said...

Wow, really neat what you all did. I was in Germany for a month and half staying with family and it was amazing. I hope to one day go to Europe and tour by bike as well. It's different if you walk or bike around than if you do the boring bus tour. ^^

Congrats ^^

Peter said...

Well done, folks. I'm a keen cyclist and you've given me a taste for trying Denmark and Germany.

Wayne Kirkbride Smith said...

I am going to do this trip on my own in July 2014. Longest I've done so far is 125km but I have an electric bike which makes the hills so much easier. I'm a 67 year old ten pound immigrant with an Australian passport (to use your phrase) and now living and teaching in Prague. I have just spent a contented hour reading you blod and feed I now have a good understanding of the challenge. I have read that since your trip in 2007 substantial improvements have been made with the majority of the path now paved. The Danish section is now totally paved, and there are only a few rough bits. I have bought an aerosol can that contains a sealing foam. I used it once on a ride in Germany and in literally minutes you are back on the road without having to even remove the wheel or anything. Anyway, thanks for a great read. I hope you are all well and healthy and that these memories are not fading!