Day 6 - A Day of Quickies

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yesterday, we made the comment that we would like to start our day a bit earlier - well, that was a bit of a joke!! We had a lovely breakfast at our first hotel but before anything else.

Doug and Rudi had to repair the tyre of the tandem. A brand new inner tube, but it had a hole in it! so the last tube was put on and it stayed up for the duration of the day! So tonight‘s task will be to patch the first one.

After breakfast and packing the car, and unpacking the car looking for things that had been misplaced, we headed of to see the Güstrow Castle - the local duke & duchess lived there for many, many years. This building was built in the 1500, replacing a medieval castle. We did a quick tour of the castle and saw some truly wonderful ceiling sculptures, frieze of deer all decorated and in 3 dimension. Very old paintings, pottery and glass wear were on display.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenone half has been destroyed during ww2

We finally set off on the bikes for another good day of riding. A comment about our riding: "I feel that Shirley and I have now graduated to bike riders with a capital B!" The riding has been relatively easy if you compare it to the Gippsland hills! We have done 60 km before we know it.

We followed the bike path which was quite varied again. Today we went on the narrowest dirt track for quite a few km beside a river; then onto concrete and asphalt. Not a lot of cobbles today - sorry Trish!

On these tracks which are supposed to be dedicated to bikes, we meet trucks, tractors & cars. Not easy to share the track when it is only about 10 feet wide! Quite a few hairy moments, when they pass within about 4 inches of you!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenstr8 ahead

We met Doug and Rae by the river Warnow in Schwaan and had the obligatory bread roll, mars bars and water, with a special today: some biscuits.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenyet another bridge

We rode the last 28 km in pretty good time, but it would have been quicker if the chain hadn‘t fallen off the tandem. Pam and Shirley had managed to get it back on, before the others even realised that they were missing!!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen... color of the canoes have to match color of the bridges ...

We rode through the big city of Rostock and finally found our place of accommodation, which is a very nice B&B with 2 little self contained cottages in the back yard. The „Blindenhund“ in one (with Pam & Doug!), Shirley and Rae in the other. The other four have been closeted into a couple motel type rooms in the main house.

Riders‘ Dictionary:
Camping ground - interpreted as cabbage roll
reindeer - as rain gear
mustard - moustache
quickie - a rushed cup of tea

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenTnT enjoying their "lighthouse"

Rudi must stop being so German ....
Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
.... and become a laid back Aussie!
Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen

Trevor gets a few beers and volume increases many decibels. Can you hear him in Australia after a few of these huge glasses of beer?

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
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