Day 3 - The Day of the Grumps

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We started the day by cleaning and oiling our bikes - by order of the leader! Just as well though because the tandem had a dicky front wheel which had to be tightened at the bike shop in Wesenberg.

On our way to Wesenberg we stopped and looked at an old manor in Seewalde, which we should all put in and buy! needs a lot of maintenance but what a beautiful place and in a beautiful area. Again we met up with Trish‘s clients because there was a assisted living home next door.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenbad manor

Not far from here we stopped at a „local supermarket“. He even had a boomerang and two digeridoos in his window!! Very pleasant man and keen to talk to us Aussies.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenfour customers a day

At Wesenberg we found the bike shop and that was the first of the grumps. Stressed out by us Aussies, especially when Doug took Earl into the shop; and Rudi got grumpy because he was p***** off by the silly bugger!

Then a communication breakdown between driver and tour leader regarding lunch. So now we were surrounded by grumps!! Lunch bought and off we went.

On the way to Babke was the first encounter of three Italians dressed in „lovely pink, yellow and blue lycra“. Pam & Shirley dragged them off on both the straights and the hills and they won every time! Lunch was at Babke and there water was atrocious!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenman always eat

Straight out of the bracken springs i am sure! it was better to go thirsty. the route took us through forests and undulating terrain. Not too bad, but the gears on the tandem were still playing up so made it very slow going for Shirley and Pam. As we stopped in Dalmsdorf to get water, we were passed by not only a horse drawn wagon, but the Italians again.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenthat's all riders need

At this spot the little shop had some Alpacas so Pam bought some wool to knit Rudi some sox. We soon caught and passed the Italians again.

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenTrevor and Brigitta left the Italians behind

They were serenading each other so we sang „Waltzing Matilda“ as we passed. At this stage the sky was changing with lightening and thunder in the distance. We turned of the main track to see the natural spring of the River Havel which flows to Berlin.

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenGrump at the spring

Brigitta and Shirley saw yet another naked man without telling Pam. Doug and Rae were to meet us here, but they were ahead of time for a change and missed us. He went on a cycle track without realising it is VERBOTEN and if caught a fine worth of 300 Euro!

We met them at Ankershagen at the next grumpy germans. The innkeeper told Rudi off for leaning his bike against the wall which made Rudi grumpy again. Then we couldn‘t move chairs so we could sit at one table. Shirley was rude enough to put her feet on the rail of the chair and got told off about that!!

Outside the heavens had opened and we kept dry by going into the Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum (The guy that discovered the remains of Troy). He was born in this little village. These people were very pleasant and allowed us to go and see the sculptures that were not opening until next week.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenlookin' into a mirror

Rain didn‘t stop, so off we went on squeaky bikes with wet seats. Once again the italians had passed us, but not to be beaten, we soon zoomed passed them, leaving them in a shower of our spray!! Now our intrepid german leader got us lost! (Don‘t mention the war!) Mind you it meant that the tandem got their tires pumped up.

To cut the story short, we went down dead ends, through huge puddles, dirt squashy tracks, cobbled roads that you would not believe and finally we made our destination Waren after 79 kilometers.

Here our „leader“ once again became a grump: Brigitta separated from the group and panic set in. But being female, she knew exactly where to go and beat us to the pension. We cleaned up after a very wet and sweaty ride and walked into town for our dinner. After dinner on our way back the moonlight on the water made us howl like wolves!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagenwhuuuhhhh

PS: Earl has been travelling extremely well in the car. We haven‘t put him in the trailer, because he would have been bounced out on these bloody cobblestones!!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
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