Day 5 - A Day full Of Smell

Friday, August 24, 2007

We were all ready to leave, when Herr Jakubasch wanted to take our photo in front of his house. 30 minutes later we were allowed to leave after shaking all of our hands again and crushing the women‘s fingers!

Cycling from Berlin to CopenhagenCrew ready to leave

The ride today was quite eventful. Our first event was meeting up with a film crew near Jabel, who had been filming in Waren the day before. They let us ride through but we weren‘t allowed to talk as we passed. A little bit of indecision by our intrepid leader and his wife enabled Shirley and Pam to go around and around and around and around a round-a-bout. Decision finally made and off we went again with the last round of the round-a-bout in the wrong direction!

We decided to attached the trailer after lunch which was just as well because the morning ride was VERY rough - again, ask Trish about the smile on her face!!

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen... still 350 k's to go.

We went over miles of cobblestones, followed by a rough stony dirt track and then miles of road works. We met up with Doug and Rae at a beautiful spot overlooking a lake and had a picnic lunch at Linstow Lake.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen... breezy lunch ...

We pulled into a resort and attached the trailer because we thought we had an asphalt bike path all the way to Krakow. WRONG !! About 30 minutes later we hit a road of large cobbles and poor earl became a little agitated. He settled down again (after jumping out of the trailer) and on we went.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen .. heavy load ...

Only to have to stop again because Pam and Shirley had a flat tyre. First flat for the trip. We pumped it up and decided that it was the extra weight of the trailer was putting too much strain on the valve. A phone call to Doug and he came back to meet us and took the dog and trailer with him and the others kept on riding.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen ... flat ...

Every couple of k‘s we had to stop to pump up the tyre but eventually we reach our Hotel in Güstrow after 70 Kilometres.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen... on the wrong side of the bike

Rae drove the car for the first time today, with Doug doing the back seat driving!

Doug‘s comment: "First time we have found our destinations without any deviation, hesitation, U-turns or screaming matches between me and Rae."

However, the return rescue trip made up for all of that because they couldn‘t find their way out of the town.

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen"Who the hell thought of this bloody trip and my mode of transport!!!!!!"

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
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