The Tour Has Officially Been Announced

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cycling from Berlin to Copenhagen
And it matches appr. 585 kilometers plus extras and bloody detours.

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bob said...

Goodluck to the aussies...and earl
From bob and mary

bena said...

I found the site! It is great to be able to see what you are doing. Have a great time. Will be checking out your pics regularly. love Bena Dave and Caitlyn

Tenille Rickard said...

Hi Dad (trevor) its tenille.
no sure if yyou will see this?
Just some news from home...
colingwood bet melbourne.
not too much other news infact.
I'm sick with a throat virus, but it should clear up in a few days. cassie's in tennant creek and cables i think is in spain.
Anyway i will keep checking up on the pictures from this blog site, good luck with it. have fun!

Lana said...

Hello, Great to see you're all still smiling. The photos are great. The cake looked particularly special but I must say there is a lack of commentary about the quality chocolate they have in Germany. With all the riding and exercise you must keep your energy up. I am always available to review any taste trials and comments on said chocolate if people need a second opinion.
Take care Love Lana

gwadzilla said...

I like the map!

you guys covered some serious ground!

good work!

good idea to harness the technology of the blog and document this event

what is next?
a documentary film of the event?

Nicos said...

An impressive tour!


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